Old age Diet

Want to know what to eat in old age? Here are some tips for a healthy Old age Diet!

  • Eat fresh fruit vegetables at every meal
  • Eat small quantity of nuts everyday because it contains protein which help to repair and restore your organisms
  • Bread, potatoes, rice or pasta in every meal aims at representing our body’s preferred source of energy
  • Include calcium rich foods such as milk, yoghurt, cheese and green leaved vegetables in your daily diet
  • Drink plenty of fluids everyday, one to two litres outside of meals. Water is the best drink although you may include some juices, skimmed milk or herbal tea
  • keep to regular meal times
  • Eat brown bread, wild rice, whole meal is recommended if you suffer from constipation due to lack of roughage in your diet
  • Your diet should have enough iron from spinach, cabbage, lentils, beans and eggs in moderation
  • Enough of vitamin D which is found in eggs and dairy product. Sunlight on the skin stimulates the production of vitamin D
  • Eat in moderation so as not to overload your digestive system
  • Avoid high calorie foods such as cakes, biscuits or sweets which do not provide other essential nutrients
  • Make meals a pleasant occasion and have a partner at meal times or if you live alone, occasionally meet up with a friend for a meal

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